Does Syntheroid Work?

Are you looking for a natural supplement that will boost your testosterone levels and allow you to push your muscles to the next level? Syntheroid is a great choice. It is yet another product in the line of XPI Supplements that won’t disappoint. Syntheroid increases testosterone levels by 400%. Testosterone is one of the first hormones to slow production when the body is stressed, which means that your muscle growth and repair is one of the first things your body stops working on. Testosterone plays an important part in building muscle and strength.

The four claims of Syntheroid are that it will burn fat, improve absorption of proteins and nutrients, build muscle strength and size, and improve sex drive and performance. To determine whether or not it has the capability to reach these goals, we need to find out whether or not it has the right ingredients.

  • Burn fat: Coleus Forskohlii boosts fat mobilization and burns fat.
  • Improve protein synthesis and absorption of nutrients: 20-Hydroxycedysterone is a powerful herb extract that boosts metabolism as well as protein synthesis. Alpha Lipoic Acid converts glucose into energy. It is found in every cell in the body, so adding a supplement of the antioxidant to the body will result in noticeably increased energy. Black pepper boosts nutrient absorption. Better protein synthesis and nutrient absorption means that tissue repair will be faster and more effective.
  • Build muscle strength and mass: Tribulus Terrestris and Testofen Fenugreek both increase free testosterone levels, which means there is extra testosterone to be used to build muscle. Milk thistle also builds muscle. Eurycoma Longifolia builds muscle strength.
  • Improve sex drive and performance: Tribulus Terrestris, horny goat weed, Testofen Fenugreek, and Eurycoma Longifolia all boost sex drive and improve performance.

Syntheroid definitely has the ingredients that it needs to do what it says it will. They are high quality, all-natural ingredients. Many supplements advertise the important, effective ingredients that they contain, but then stuff the majority of the pill with ineffective fillers. Syntheroid does not do that—the supplement is actually composed of the ingredients it claims it has, and it has the right amounts of the ingredients.

Syntheroid is not a weight loss supplement, so don’t take it if you want to lose weight. It is designed for those who want to build muscle and strength. Although it does contain fat burners, its primary purpose is not to burn fat. It will help you build muscles stronger and faster.

Is Syntheroid Guaranteed?

It has a 60-day money back guarantee.

Syntheroid Pros

  • Strong, effective ingredients
  • All-natural
  • Contains not only testosterone boosters but also fat burners

Syntheroid Cons

  • It is not a weight loss supplement.

Is Syntheroid Worth Trying?

Yes. Syntheroid is an excellent supplement that has enough power in the ingredients to do exactly what it says it will. It claims to burn fat, improve absorption of proteins and nutrients, build muscle strength and mass, and improve sex drive and performance, and it has what it needs to be able to do that. We wholeheartedly recommend Syntheroid.

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