Does Magic Slim Work?

Magic Slim is an Asian weight loss supplement that claims to reduce fat by decreasing calorie intake and blocking the body from converting carbohydrates and sugars into fat, eliminating fat, reduce fat absorption, and boost metabolism. All of that sounds great, but there doesn’t seem to be much connection between the things Magic Slim says it can do and the actual ingredients in the weight loss pill.

Magic Slim is based on Chinese medicine. It contains ebony, lingzhi, fox-nut, Tuckahoe, seman pruni, diosoreae, and wheat germ. Most of the hype that Magic Slim creates for itself is based on lingzhi, which is a mushroom. Chinese medicine uses it to treat asthma, cancer, cardiovascular problems, and insomnia. Many people believe that it truly does work. Surprisingly, though, Chinese medicine does not use lingzhi as a weight loss supplement—even though it is one of the main ingredients in Magic Slim. Lingzhi hasn’t been clinically proven for weight loss in the United States.

Fox-nut promotes increased urination, so you will lose weight at first—but it will be water weight. Seman pruni is also a diuretic. In addition, it promotes waste elimination, which also results in weight loss.

The main ingredients in Magic Slim are not clinically proven weight loss supplements, fat burners, or appetite suppressants. If you are a strong believer in Chinese medicine, you might put some stock in Magic Slim, but Magic Slim is neither scientifically formulated nor clinically proven.

The official website states that, “After some time of consumption, fat accumulation…could see dramatic benefits.” Magic Slim never directly tells you how much weight loss you can expect, or in what time frame you can expect that weight loss. In addition, it says that you “could” see weight loss. Even the company itself knows that weight loss can’t be guaranteed with Magic Slim.

Is Magic Slim Guaranteed?

Yes, it offers a 30-day money back guarantee.

Magic Slim Pros

  • It is all-natural
  • Magic Slim is inexpensive (ranging from $14.90 per bottle for one, or $4.10 per bottle for 200 or more bottles).

Magic Slim Cons

  • Side effects such as dry mouth, bloated stomach, and increased acne breakouts.
  • Not clinically proven
  • Largely based on diuretics and therefore water weight loss

Is Magic Slim Worth Trying?

Most people only experience weight loss when they use Magic Slim while on a diet and exercise plan, which doesn’t speak too highly of the effectiveness of the pill. There are many ingredients in Magic Slim that promote waste elimination, which is definitely a good way to lose weight—water weight. You’ll probably notice some weight loss in the first month, which will make you think that you don’t need to take advantage of the 30-day money back guarantee. But there’s a reason that the money-back guarantee is only a month, and it’s because Magic Slim just doesn’t have the power to support long-term weight loss or management. The ingredients in Magic Slim aren’t clinically proven to cause weight loss, and there are no fat burners. You “could” be happy with Magic Slim, but you’d be better off using a weight loss supplement that guarantees results and has clinically proven ingredients.

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